Carson Weeks

Software Developer

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  • My Own Private Photo Gallery

    Built using:
    • C++
    • Wt Framework and ORM
    • Asio
    • SQLite3
    • Sass
    • Bootstrap

    This project allows users to upload, manage, and present images to their fans. It's similar to DeviantArt if the website only had one user on it. Users can directly upload images or automatically scrape images from their Twitter feed using Twitters OAuth 1.1 API.

  • RSS Feed Reader

    Built using:
    • Python
    • Flask
    • Requests
    • BeautifulSoup
    • Regular Expressions
    • XPath

    Intercepts RSS feeds and automatically scrapes the content from the listed site and emplaces it within the feed. Also scans feed for keywords, regex's, and XPaths to filter out of the RSS Feed. I found that many sites use a similar HTML template when creating low quality content, and XPath is perfect to detect this format.

Design Works

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  • Crafton Hills Web Developer Internship

    September 2019 - December 2019

    I was in charge of managing the school's webpage, uploading and editing files, and instructing other faculty on how to operate the CMS. I learned about web accessibility, modifying images for the web, and debugging front-end issues.

  • Crafton Hills Computer Lab Tech

    November 2019 - On going

    I helped students work on projects written in Java, HTML, CSS, C++, and Assembly. This includes being able to fallthrough algorithms, read other people's code, explain computer science topics, and debug effectively.